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Memorial Day; May 29, 2006
May 29, 2006, 4:59 pm
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My grandmother used to call it Decoration Day. She never got used to calling it by its new name. The day originated as a day to memorialize veterans who died in America’s Civil War, but over time and the act of congress, Memorial Day now commemorates the deaths of all combat veterans serving the price of freedom.

As the War on Terror, with fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan, continues seemingly forever, perhaps briefly it is good to take a moment to look at the structural problem that made this simple military campaign a quagmire of hostility and delusion.

Most will blame President Bush and Tony Blair of Britain, but they have really become scapegoats for the fundamental problem that now faces all of civilization as it is known in the west. That is the complete loss of any means by which to counter the limitations and the iniquitous consequences of human rationalism.

The great and now supreme religion in all the lands of western civilization is human evolutionary rationalism. It calls itself the benefactor of all science. However, the science that it promotes is really only that science which rationally supports this religious establishment.

The problem with our incursion into Iraq was not with the moral character of our leaders, but a lack of any moral input into the decision theory of those actions. It was essentially assumed that the Iraqi people would embrace there freedom as would urban dwellers on the streets of New York, London, and in the halls of Parliament and Congress.

But Iraqis are not rational people, at least in the sense of our model of rationality. Simply put, they have not evolved beyond their need for a visible religious crutch to govern their affairs. How uncivilized and backward can a people be. Some of them, besides their lust for personal power, also hold some religious beliefs that they are willing to die for, or at least indoctrinate others to die for the cause.

Theology and philosophy were actually the balancing forces to cancerous human rationalism for much of America’s history. Now they have been virtually outlawed in the nation that they led to an economic and social zenith. America’s churches and religious leaders have walked in lock step unity with atheistic rationalists in the desire, if not to eliminate God, but at least create a God in the image of self serving materialism.

Grandma, was by no means an intellectual giant, many times she told me that can’t wasn’t in (her) dictionary as it was in mine. I can’t see a way out of this swamp of rational chaos, unless the God who formed us out of the dust of the ground again lets us understand our humble roots to the earth. But I suppose in my grandmother’s outlook, I can hope that people again be willing to stand for true religion, with a systematic theology and accompanying philosophy of life, letting unlimited evolutionary religious rationalism die a quickly deserved passing.

Then, and only then will America have a Memorial Day to celebrate in the present, that looks forward to a bright future, as well as memorializing the deaths of our military hero’s who truly served the cause of all human freedom.

Jerry Bannon
29 May 2006