Chronicles of Diversity

Reality energetics
December 26, 2006, 9:31 pm
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Chronicles of Diversity
Reality energetics
27 December 2006; Volume 8, Issue 40

This is our last publication of “Chronicles of Diversity”. Beginning in January we will be changing the name of “Chronicles of Diversity” to “The Wonder Springs Chronicle” posted on the dedicated blog server. Our Chronicle Archives back through 2003 are now available for PDF download at It is our plan to have the whole Chronicles of Diversity Archives stretching back to 1999 in a searchable database early in 2007.

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The sun has set on the British Empire. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is no more. The Warsaw Pact is now truly independent countries. Yugoslavia has broken up into Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and Macedonia. Will Iraq survive long as a distinct nation, or will it break up into three, perhaps four independent nations?

We are told that President Bush is now looking at various alternatives on what will be the United States involvement in Iraq. The grandiose plans of a western style democracy flourishing in the fertile crescent, looks more like a nightmare inherited from Ronald Reagan, than a sudden sprouting of self determination. So what went wrong?

The cable news channels are full of pundits, stating that Dubbya is a loser by not following this plan, or that, or even getting us involved in the region. The consensus is that we need to make changes, but nobody really knows what will be the outcome of any of the courses of action. The problem is that we are looking only at humanly understood variables. Furthermore, those variables are interpreted with in the context of what is generally accepted as western culture.

What is really missing from the debate, and I expect will have no chance of entering into the ultimate outcome, is the reality of energetics as the prime mover of the affairs of man. Energetics is not primarily about oil or the price thereof. Energetics is not about the difference between Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and atheism. Energetics is the way various components of God’s creation function within their environment.

In human communities energetics is how all energy components function to make the social structure function or not function. This includes not only energy as we understand it (gas, oil, electricity, solar), but things such as political energy, community dynamics, religious energy, financial liquidity, or virtually all human possibilities and desires. These human energetics are really the same as ecological energetics of God’s creation, adding the unique variability of humanity’s God inherited image.

I am familiar with a Christian physicist that wrote a book about how specifically God was doing a new and wonderful thing by creating all these new nations around the world and how national self determination is just the first step towards personal accountability before God. Well he got the results right, but I am amazed that a physicist, especially a Christian physicist, did not understand that it wasn’t a specific move of God at all. Self determination from chaos to individual accountability, leading to freedom to make personal choices, is the way God created the universe. Furthermore, it is the basic concept of God’s specific revelation, the Bible. The Word of God created the world, and through the gospel it is the Word of God that gives humanity freedom from its self imposed (sinful) nature.

What we are seeing today is not some new, specific move of God to bring people to Jesus before the Rapture of the church, what we are seeing is the effects of natural law and common grace doing their thing. We call this process Metis Phylogenesis. What sets Metis Phylogenesis apart from theories of human social development is that it is not based on the evolutionary dogma of millions and billions of years, but upon a created history of thousands.

Stop for a moment and just think briefly before this year ends. Look at the diversity of human populations and think about how can this all happen in just a few millennium. It blows your mind! Why, for the most part because we have been indoctrinated to believe that God doesn’t exist, that we are here by chance, and as a consequence the only way to feel secure as a human being is to not ask too many questions, and throw in enough time just to dilute out personal consequences.

The energetic structure of western culture is based upon the energetics of the Reformation of the 16th century. Since that time the effects of the laws of thermodynamics have slowly been winding down toward entropy. That Reformation gave us what we call Protestant churches, but it also greatly changed the Roman Church and all of human culture in western Europe, spreading to the Americas and around the world. The democratic freedoms that we still enjoy today are a direct result in that increase in human energetics brought about by the Reformation.

Not all the world has ever experienced those freedoms. By the grace of God, theocratic Islam was halted just east of Vienna as the power of the Reformation was released in western Europe. Today that confrontation of the middle east and west is now playing out in Iraq. Will the results be the same as they were 500 years ago? The answer does not lie in political will, insurgents, Congress, the President, big oil, or anything else that this country and it’s leadership is looking towards. The results lie in God’s created energetic reality following God’s plan that underlies the universe in which we live.

God’s plan is not based upon race, God’s created energetic plans rest upon the natural formation of tribes and nations through energetic principles. Lines on a map, and the political expediency of foreign western powers in the last century, do not a nation make. The tribes and the religious differences between, Shia and Sunni Islam, Kurd and Christians will not be solved except, first of all, by understanding that these energetic principles exist, and then going with the flow.

That does not put the United States on a strong footing in this incursion, even if the overall guiding principle was totally personal freedom for the Iraqi populace. As time goes on, that noble objective, along with other blowback consequences, will be subjugated to energetic reality. If Shia and Sunni Moslems want to kill each other, and the only thing that they can agree on is removing all vestiges of Christianity (American troops and local Christian communities that predate Islam by 700 years) then they will do that, unless we bring superior energetics to overcome their energetics. Saddam Hussein did that in his dictatorship and shear repression of all parties except his own ruling bureaucracy, that was essentially installed and propped up by western political and economic interests.

Part of the problem that the United States faces, is that itself is quickly degenerating from the Secular Republic of our foundation into a country based upon the principles of evolution, both in the form of materialism and so called democracy, which is nothing more than a form of anarchy. As such, the energetic structure of the United States can not generate energetically the political resolve to fight successfully any form of Islamic Theocracy. Furthermore, while Al Qaeda is not capable ruling or even forming a governing political structure in this country, it is perfectly capable of facilitating the energetic break up of the United States as a totally evolutionary, materialistic nation.

As our final publication as “Chronicles of Diversity” this week’s article is published in html. The main reason is to publish the following table of energetic governing structures in this world. We have chosen ten such structures. For those of you into the concept of conflicting worldviews, this table is really an attempt to put those underlying worldviews into their application of natural energetic principles. We have chosen ten, all governments surely contain ascending and descending components of perhaps a number of these structures.

Because of Biblical Christianity’s belief in the ultimate authority of God, Holy Scripture, as the basis for Absolute truth, it is by definition the most energetically relevant form of human governing structure. This is not the governing of what much of American evangelicalism is now pushing under the understanding of the “Religious Right.” We would quantify that movement more as a theocratic form of Renaissance Humanism.

As we move down the table, the governing structures move away from God and Godliness towards total man centered organizations. As such one may question whether the term governance may apply at all. This table is really just a preliminary method to try to represent the reality of natural law and common grace energetic principles to the world of humanity we see every day. In that light, hopefully you can begin to understand the times in which we live and courses of action we need to take as individual personalities as we function within the various governing structures that are present somewhere in God’s eternal plan.

Something must be said about sizes of components in each structure. Bigness as a general rule requires a more intensive energetic structure than do smaller entities. Therefore, within each structure there is really an ultimate, or perhaps more energy efficient size of enterprise. Furthermore, as diversity increases, total energetic utilization also increases. Converting that energetic structure into total, of what might be termed prosperity, smallness can support more diversity and make more people relatively prosperous than can large institutions. But again that size is also related to the values of the governing structure itself. The key lying in the interrelationships between individuals or particular entities.

In that light, because it demands really no community structure and has no absolutes by which to govern interrelationships, an evolutionary democracy is the least energetically efficient, also it is the most distant from God’s ultimate design. Evolutionary teaching leads to chaos.

Biblical Christianity however, gives the individual the ultimate worldly value of being created in the image of God, and demands that within its structure that everyone operate within the absolutes of Biblical truth, making man and his values the ultimate source of personal freedom through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for the sins of man. Personal freedom overcomes chaos for the most people and at a higher level of prosperity. As you understand more about God’s gift of grace, the more God’s love requires that you share not through rules, but through thankfulness, your wealth, or time, your energy with those less fortunate. This is a concept that becomes completely undefinable and foreign as you move down the governing structure scale.

As a consequence both biblical and historic Christian governing structures contain not only an energetic complexity unfathomable to lower structures, they rest upon a teaching paradigm that says that God comes to earth to redeem mankind, rather than man reaching out and up to God as completely within human capacity. Therefore, both structures work only within those groups that have some understanding of the complexity foreign, or beyond, only a completely natural revelation.

With it’s founding as a secular republic the United States of a America, was able to reach beyond its Christian – Judeo roots, to appeal to an audience well beyond its borders. That light of tolerance still shines in the world today, even though as a nation we no longer hold any absolute values to be self evident. True freedom can only exist where true human diversity is celebrated.

An evolutionary paradigm has no mechanism to truly understand natural diversity, because evolutionary dogma counters all the thermodynamic laws, hence requires an inconsistent leap of religious faith to embrace its tenets. That is an emotional leap to justify the chaos of life without any absolutes or ultimate goals and therefore defines chaos as good because I think, therefore I think myself as good, for I have no external references.

Iraq exists as lines drawn on a map by western secular governments. Those borders enforced, except in the last few years, by a minority dictator with western support, will not endure, regardless of all the world’s political might. We can however strongly influence the formation of a secular confederation, of distinct people groups or tribes. Those people groups include also a Christian minority that predates Islam, that the Iraq Study Group report failed to even recognize.

That failure to even recognize a large Christian community in Iraq alone illustrates just how far the United States has fallen from its role of champion of true human freedom for the world. However, if we truly want to restrain that area from degenerating into a blood bath of true civil war and the establishing of either Islamic theocracies or another sectarian dictatorship, then we must look to supreme values beyond the total natural interests that got us into a war in that region.

That is the opportunity that presents itself to this Christian president and this nation. It will only come about by those who truly believe in Biblical and Historic Christian, and secular republican values, to make their voice heard. In short it calls for those who should know better to move back to and support their personal values, at a cost. A cost that requires that they forgo the vanity of global materialism and self realization based on evolutionary paradigms.

A new world order, only requires God’s people to rest in God’s revealed accomplished work. That is where the power of energetics come into play. That is truly the only mechanism for freedom to flourish in this world and is the only basis of our hope for a better future.



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