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Lost in space
September 27, 2006, 4:31 pm
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27 September 2006; Volume 8, Issue 28

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During the Vietnam era, I served as a commissioned officer with the Army Security Agency in Augsburg, Germany. The ASA is the Army’s communications intelligence arm, similar and providing a lot of the communications intel for the National Security Agency. While not being spies in the clandestine sense, never the less we had a few classes in our training on how to obtain worthwhile information from people without their apparent knowledge.

Our particular kaserne was probably the closest major US military base to Dachau, the famous German extermination camp of WWII. I have had an interest in survival and those who lived and died in survival circumstances as long as I can remember. Therefore, while it was an extremely depressing place to visit even those 30 some years later, the stories of the survivors and those who escaped the Holocaust make for interesting reading.

Little did I know at the time, one of my uncles was among the first Allied liberators of the camp. As he is now in his 80’s, at times using my best intelligence interrogation techniques, I have tried to see if I could get him to briefly discuss some of his Dachau perceptions. Since I am the only grandchild with military experience, and even experience in this direct area of southern Germany, we have discussed the region in some detail, until we get to the gates of the camp. Then the conversation quickly shifts to grafting different apple varieties to his apple trees in his Harrington, Washington garden.

All war is hell on earth, but some things just can not be handled by the human psyche, and must be suppressed in order to maintain our sanity. I believe my uncle’s Dachau experience is one of those events for him. It is beyond the realm of Post Traumatic Stress. This is for a good Christian, who loves Jesus and does his best to serve his fellow man.

As a heartland boy, obviously given the choice to serve in Germany as an officer, or in Viet Nam as a infantry grunt, there was not a big dilemma to make the right choice. Hence, in my military role my biggest obstacle was dealing with other officers, mostly from eastern families of privilege. The likes of John Kerry and George W. Bush, except without either’s class or desire for true public service. In other words worthless bourgeoisie preppies.

On the other side of the continent there was a group of similarly affluent, centered in Berkley. These types were closer to home. However, they also seemed way too self absorbed with their own importance to really make a significant difference in the world. This of course is where the roots of the antiwar movement began. We mused in our secure, untapped private discussions in Germany about getting out of the service and taking our SLR cameras to the anti war demonstations to see if we could strike up a conversation with the real spies, which we knew were present at all of these rallies.

Saturday night I had the opportunity to watch the documentary, “Berkley in the Sixties.” Taking these free speech and anti war events and following a number of the people of the ‘60s historic film footage until the present, it was amazing they were still doing what they were doing back then, except without the idealism. They had sold out to the materialism that they once rejected, but at the same time they still had the same liberal agenda, in some small way to live outside at least a few establishment conventions.

I remember in Germany seeing a movie in the local post theater where a bunch of these people were in a room discussing democratically what they were willing to die for. The scene went on and on until the hero, whom I believe was Robert Redford rose to his feet and announced, “Well I’m not too sure what I am willing to die for, but I am sure of one thing that I am not willing to die for, and that is boredom.” He then walked out of the room.

As I went to bed the concept came to mind, “A generation lost in space.” That surely was these people. Likewise, my compatriots from my military elite. I had to get out of bed and do an internet search to find the source. The source turned out to be a verse from Don McLean’s 1971 song, “American Pie:”

Oh and there we were all in one place,
A generation lost in space
With no time left to start again.

According to the commentary I read on the lyrics, the place was Woodstock, three days of peace and music. The lost in space either referred to a television show, or more likely a spaced out drug high. Hence also a space cadet. There sure is not a better song to describe a whole generation.

The people I saw in the documentary were today still a generation lost in space, nothing had changed. The exploits of John Kerry and George Bush don’t seem much better. But George seems to have a better alibi, drugs and of course during the rare instances he did something in the National Guard, he was said to be a fighter pilot. John just got Purple Heart after Purple Heart, three I believe, by only taking friendly fire.

The sad thing is we now live in a whole country, no a whole world lost in space, but it doesn’t come from drugs, or politics, or any other likely cause except our own vanity.

Bill Clinton was our first boomer, lost in space president. In his own words, a lot of his troubles he brought on himself, things which he shouldn’t do, because he could. More completely however, he didn’t do a lot of things he should, because he couldn’t. I fully realize this only makes sense in Slick Willies legacy statement: “It depends what your definition of is, is.”

He should not have messed with Monica, but he did. He should have messed more with Osama, but he couldn’t because Osama has a right to his own definition of is also. The whole of western culture is lost in space, because there are no longer any absolutes from outside of mankind. Osama knows absolutes, and relativism to be an infidel lie, which he can exploit at will.

Our second boomer lost in space president is Dubbya! It’s too early to truly have a short legacy statement to summarize his presidency, but he sure isn’t short of mistakes. After all Bill was almost done, term wise, when he gave us his relativism gem. I suppose Bush’s pompous arrogant statement, “Bring it on!” will have to serve for now. George did not seem to recognize he was not talking about a baseball series between the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners, but a war with some mean and evil people, who not only do not play by our rules, they make up their own rules rapidly on the fly. A whole other ball game we are incapable of playing well, nor should we try to emulate.

The first lost in space generation were educated to be the first – – -. We are now educating the third lost in space generation. This space cadet education program became concerned with the Soviet Union’s first Sputnik launch on October 4, 1957. With a Post WWII education system, flush with the optimistic dream of world domination through a John Dewey enthralled evolutionary paradigm, and a similar theological liberalism that believed that God used evolution to create the world, we made a successful blast off. Charting our course, that Jesus might have been the savior of the world in former days, but in the enlightened church he is just a good moral teacher, we used his ethical teachings to explore the dark side of the moon.

Luckily, to use the proper metaphor, I was gifted to grow up in a church that still then believed in the Biblical truth of salvation through the grace of Jesus Christ alone. Perhaps, it was just the gift of growing up in a small town with the name Lutheran on the church door. However, in that catechism class I was also told that God had wisely used evolution and evolutionary time to slowly form the world we now see.

In the light of Commander Buzz Corry and the rest of the Space Patrol, we knew where we were perfectly in space in 1950-1955. Later, I might have not been mature enough to know what the definition of “is formed by evolution is,” but I was sure not naïve enough to know that what I saw in the natural world around me, isn’t and wasn’t.

One example, or is that seven examples of how this space odyssey may come to an end was discussed last week in “No Safe Egypt.” To add a natural element I learned after I had finished Egypt, there have been 18 major plate shifting earthquakes in Cascadia (northern California all the way through Southern British Columbia) since the end of local glaciation. These are in the Richter Scale of 9 plus and shook for a duration estimated to be 4 minutes or more. The last of these took place in January 1700 as verified by Japanese Tsunami records.

In evolutionary time that is one about every 500 years. Using Bishop Usher’s biblical chronology that is one about every 100 years. Should the Rapture not happen soon, the Northwestern United States will make New Orleans’ Katrina devastation look like a tiny wind storm. So who are you going to believe, evolution or Usher.? But it really doesn’t matter for man makes his space cadet plans, and God controls man’s destiny. As Jimmy Swaggarts’ cousin, Jerry Lee truthfully told the early lost in space generation there is a “whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on.” and it is not from rockin’ roll.

So is there any way for members of the three lost in space generations to make a soft landing on planet earth without crashing where you will forever be scarred by the trauma of absolute gravity? “Eight miles high and falling fast” is bound to make a pretty good splat. Then again what will you find when you touch down?
Eight miles high and when you touch down
You’ll find that it’s stranger than known
Signs in the street that say where you’re going
Are somewhere just being their own

Nowhere is there warmth to be found
among those afraid of losing their ground
Rain gray town known for its sound
In places small faces unbound

Round the squares huddled in storms
Some laughing some just shapeless forms
Sidewalk scenes and black limousines
Some living some standing alone

Eight Miles High (The Byrds 1966)

Now, there are some spaced out lyrics, even it they are only about an airplane trip, as claimed by Gene Clark who wrote the song. However, there are really two landing sites literally. One or both are worse than being lost in pleasure seeking materialistic space. It depends upon what your definition of -, -.

The first is that you will land in a tyranny. The most obvious at this time is a fundamentalist Islamic state. But as we have seen when you are lost in space there are not compass points by which to find your directions. Right now as radical Islam truthfully points out the other option is a corporate-nationalistic model of the peace and harmony of more materialistic consumption. Lest we too quickly forget, that is what launched the first lost in space generation in the sixties.

Remember also, that this launching pad included the then contemporary Christian church singing praise songs about the journey. Much of that church still thinks that if we just love Jesus enough and love one another as in the hippie commune, then the world will beat a path to their door. Only in the evangelical church are the space cadets of the old hippie movement still turning inward and dropping out. The real hippies moved on decades ago.

To achieve a soft landing, or even a hard landing of terrorist attack or earthquake, and to be able to handle what you will then find on earth, you must know something about the world in which you will find yourself. These lands have no worldview that truthfully and logically explains the existence of the universe, or its form. Furthermore, they can not similarly explain the existence and the uniqueness of man. That includes the uniqueness of man to do both good and evil. All we will have done is exchange real space for terrestrial space.

Hence, you will have to bring the proper worldview with you, and be willing to live it out no matter the consequences and the ridicule. The weakness of my uncle’s worldview is it is fundamentally from the world of pre space cadet American Christianity that was highly influenced by revivalism and separatism via so called holiness. Seeing the evil of Dachau in operation, gives you a shot of total depravity that has never been taught in any mainstream of American Christianity.

Only in the Bible is there a description of that Creator of the universe and of mankind. He is a personal God of love, but also of all truth, righteousness, and grace. In the Bible you find Jesus as the incarnate Creator of the world and its one and only redeemer or Messiah. The message of the Bible is completely revolutionary, because no matter what you may have learned in church, none of it rests on your ability to perform in any fashion. Historically and contemporarily for most of the Christian religion however, grace alone is an anathema not consistent with their Pelagian theology.

Throughout the world God through His son Jesus is building His church and the gates of hell, Islam, or corporate materialism will not stand against it. The question is the fundamental black and white question in this world. Which side of the line are you on? On the black side nothing has meaning, life, the world, stuff. On the white side everything not only has meaning but also scientific and artistic perspective. It didn’t evolve, it was created that way by God, and He created mankind in His image to enjoy that creation. What a legacy that is, especially when the alternatives are to live in tyranny, or to be continually lost in space.

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No Safe Egypt
September 20, 2006, 3:55 pm
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20 September 2006; Volume 8, Issue 27

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A few weeks ago I finished the essence of this article. It had a different title and a slightly different emphasis, but in essence the meat of the topic is still the same. As happens in the age of computers, we all sometimes hit the wrong pop up button and things happen we had not expected. In this particular case the whole file was lost forever. Little ones and zeros returned to the randomness of virtual reality.

Try as I might I was not able to satisfactorily begin to reconstruct what I had written. Hence, I was left questioning, in the realm of God’s unmerited grace were my wonderful words of prose too harsh, or not harsh enough? This week we begin afresh, never knowing for sure the answer to that question, but confident that these words shall be words that will effect our present view of reality.

That following Sunday, the pastor at the church I attended preached a sermon on the principle that most American evangelical Christians were a mile wide in their beliefs, but only an inch deep in application. He related, that of all people Christians should not only be a mile wide, but also a mile deep.

As I left the service, I walked by some of the cool dudes, conversing intelligently about the sermon’s application, all the while kicking their cigarette butts into the storm drain rather than leave them littering the parking lot. As a part of all of inch deep Americana, they did not have a clue that cigarette filters are one of the most persistent forms of pollution in the world. They just never go away and are filled with all sorts of poisonous chemicals.

Then approaching my rig, another pair, though I didn’t catch the full context of their conversation, rapidly pulled away from the parking lot in the genre of “After all, time is money.” Was that a joke, did they just sit through a different sermon than I heard, or were they completely untouched by the message?

As I alluded to in “Welcome Shade,” I was gifted with being taken to the maximum depth of human personality in my aortic replacement surgery recovery experience. That depth strips away all our so called layers of stuff and importance and all we are left with is what we really take from this earth.

Somewhere upward in those depth layers is the question and the answer, “If you were to die this evening, why should God let you into His heaven?”  That is a man made manipulation, while created for all the right reasons, limits the sovereignty of God’s grace. The real question, the answer of which is all we really take from this world to the next, is found in Matthew 16:15 when Jesus asks His disciples, “But who do you say that I am?”

In verse sixteen, Simon Peter’s doctrinal answer is the one and only correct response, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

In verse seventeen we again see Jesus’ doctrinal response of God’s sovereign grace (and dare I say election), “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.”

That is as deep and as simple as it gets in this world and illustrates quite remarkably all the meaningless platitudes that this world and the church consider as keys to success in this temporal pilgrimage. Doctrine is what gets us into heaven, nothing more nothing less.

Salvation is a specific revelation of God that comes from God’s grace alone and is base solely on the finished work of Jesus as the Christ (Messiah) and is inherited by the individual by faith in that work alone, for God’s glory, not mans! This is the Christian doctrine of His sheep, but not worldly religious goats.

Part of the specific revelation of the Bible is the analogy of the pilgrimage of the child of God from Egypt (a type of Augustine’s “City of Man”) through the wilderness into the Promised Land (Augustine’s “City of God.”)

Changing somewhat from analogy to allegory, in that wilderness we are to learn the natural theology that is required for the residents of that eternal city as well as the temporal city in which Christians now have dual citizenship. The problem, just as the natural children of Israel desired in their real journey, is its a quick retreat to Egypt when faith is required in the wilderness, therefore they never lived to reach the Promised land.

In our self appeasing, vain, narcissistic, democratic world, there is no stubborn leader that requires our obedience, so Christians never see even the symbolic parting of the Red Sea, nor see God’s provision in daily manna. In fact, rather than being leaders in the type of Moses, our modern leaders turn out to be priests of the church of the Egyptian’s golden calf, as did Aaron.

There is however, no safety in Egypt at this time in this world. That is true both in the spiritual sense, and also in the literal sense.

So how much are you paying for the security of that Egyptian palace, where you park your toys and your family? There is the mile wide answer and the mile deep answer and very little of importance betwixt the two.

I can remember in the not too distant past when the words Paul spoke to Timothy about a coming world, was taken my most to be a future prophesy. But today we now live in a time when both the Cities of Man and God are populated almost exclusively of men being lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power.

How is one supposed to find the true way (in this wilderness)?

I read recently that the Islamic terrorists have plans to detonate at least seven nuclear devices within the United States. There is really no reason to believe that they shall not be at least partially successful at killing us infidels. What will that do to your well planned future early retirement, or even your present existence? That does not take a nuclear scientist to figure out. But those thoughts must be down at a depth of at least of foot, definitely too deep to be concerned with today.

Forcing a little furrowing: let us see, Washington DC and New York for sure. That is two on the east coast, five to go. One more east coast city, either Miami, or Boston. I would choose Boston, because of it’s American historical significance, and it’s colder there. Miami is warmer, has more people of other ethnic origins, a much better beachhead on the American homeland. West coast three metropolitan areas: Los Angeles – Long Beach, San Francisco – Oakland, and Seattle – Tacoma, almost a no brainer. One city in the American center or heartland, Chicago or Houston. The same logic for choosing Boston over Miami seems to apply.

Furthermore, we also have no concept that anyone would believe that America is a land of infidels, even if our now religious ethos is based on the universal last days of Paul’s warning to Timothy. Our form of godliness just won’t allow America to be the home of anyone but perfected saints, it is just a self esteem issue. This is the type of thinking that got us into the war in Iraq to begin with, and still looks at all Moslems in the politically correct view of just another religion, and we definitely have no concept of the hatred between Sunni and Shiite extremists. So really the only true salvation in the Egypt of this world is that Sunni Islamic terrorists prevail over their Shiite brethren and we actually move to Cairo.

Francis Schaeffer, the best known Christian thinker and apologist of the last half of the 20th century, used a concept known as pre-evangelism. That means you can not understand the basics of Christianity and the Christian worldview if you have no understanding of this world based on any absolutes. We really live in a world in which God, heaven, hell, sin, infidels, and a whole host of fundamental cultural concepts have either no meaning or a variety of meanings depending upon religious or political spin. The beginning of pre-evangelism is to communicate that contrary to popular culture some words can be defined qualitatively and quantitatively, and in that context they can have absolute meanings and hence convey absolute truth.

So where do you begin this quest for truth?

When modern preachers speak about the wilderness, they always do so metaphorically, allegorically, or spiritually. Basically because they never have been there naturally. If they have been there it is for only a very short hike and typically they were someplace where they could get a hot shower within minutes after their return.

A ha! The wilderness is where you have a hang nail and no way to clip it off. Or, somebody has stolen your wallet with all the credit cards, “Oh what are we to do?” If you have to cope with real problems, don’t bug us, you must have done something wrong, and there is some unrepentant sin in your life. Life in Egypt is good, if you only look at the bright side and ask, “What would Jesus do?” We will say we will pray for you, but heaven helps those who help themselves, and we are just too busy with our life, ministry, and stuff acquisitions to help you at this time.

Make no mistake, Islamic Jihadists want to turn the United States of America into a wasteland desert. Why? Basically because they understand the power of the desert, along with the power of the gun and violence. Atheism is an urban disease of the infidels. Anything it takes to make you a convert to (militant) Islam is fair game. Whatever you may say about Islam, it is a religion of the desert, and hence the desert forces you to look to a reality outside yourself and society. In the case of Islam, Allah is that God, distinct from the monotheistic triune personality of Christianity, and the Almighty of Jewry.

The grace of the God of the Bible and of creation is the west’s only hope, but as true infidels, that is the last place we will look without being forced. In our politically correct modern world we hear about the brutality of the Crusades, but we never hear about one of the main causative forces for that crusading desire, which was the Battle of Tours in 732, or the threat of the Ottoman Empire from the east as one of the causative factors leading to the Reformation in the 16th century.

In the desert exodus from Egypt God created a wilderness economy. Every day there was manna to collect and to prepare as food. The rest of the time they were actively involved in community life and family. Those who died, died from unbelief, not boredom. You don’t train an army for the conquest of the Promise Land by looking for naval lint, and ear hair. Even God’s army needs to know how and where to fight. But all modern preaching says is let go and let God fight all your battles. Especially the ones that require the building of personal character, personal character building is way too much work because it requires personal discipline.

In the wilderness, your assets are your skills, not your money. Those skills need to be both wide and deep. In the context of the introduction, a mile wide and a mile deep. Hence, if anything I have written thus far turns out to be even remotely true, your best investment today is in acquiring those skills.

Over the last 20 years or so I have been looking for a wilderness training facility. Alaska, to Oregon, and from the coast to Montana, I have been given a dark vision on what is required. Finally, I think I have found it. Why, I suppose from my perspective of this wide area, it is centered at the end of the world. I have known about the place for a year or so, because it is the last place I would choose to go. Looks to me like a perfect place for God to work and to get the credit.

I have a friend that moved to North Dakota for a few years, he said that it wasn’t the end of the world, but you could see it from there. From my perspective this is that end destination resort. Sure there are more isolated, wilderness areas, but in pure wildness there is a certain charm. Probably in a more correct sense this place is not wilderness, but purely rural, devoid of most if not all of the trappings of esteemed culture. Therefore it requires more developing than the developing world.

There, will be the headquarters for the Wonder Springs Rural Institute, to be run by Wonder Springs Adventures Limited (a for profit charity). The company is designed for really small investors, taking what are generally considered non profit gifts and donations and turning them into stock, thereby building a diverse community of truly involved members.

On site at the present time is a 8000 square foot modern laboratory building and 15 acres of dry Eastern Washington glacial lake bottom ground. From that facility we will do research to develop the Justin – Grace precious metals mining and refining equipment. Eventually it is hoped to put the companies stock on the gold standard. This technology uses air instead of water as a concentrating medium, thereby virtually eliminating the water pollution aspects of historic mining practices. The refining uses a pre WWII South African process ideally suited for small scale independent mines.

We will also be working on developing the Wonder Springs Extractive Solvent Technology (WSEST), which is really an extremely energy efficient process to dry a wide variety of materials. This is the further adaptation of the defunct chemical process I was called to work on when I first moved to Seattle after Graduate School. The process has great energy saving potential, but was shut down for marketing and political reasons.

Those fifteen acres, as well as other nearby facilities and God’s created wonders, will provide the training ground for you to begin to develop the breadth and depth of the impending world order. Some of those skills were common place a hundred years ago, some of those are on the cutting edge of today’s developing informational economy.

Primarily however, the Institute will give you the place to glean the treasure that you don’t by your actions create reality, the really big step that is not only OK, that is a great insight. Because in that rural place is where the God of the Bible and the God of creation truly begins to conform you into the image of Jesus the Christ and begins to prepare you for the depth and breadth of eternity. After all “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” That is the first absolute truth.

Wilderness training, a new depth building experiment, something to upset our sense of illusional security, or a seed money deal that could turn out to be a gold mine. Let us know of your desire to make that investment in your more real future and we will provide you with more information and let you help to make this vision a true reality.

Cast your bread upon the waters,
For you will find it after many days.

Give a serving to seven, and also to eight,
For you do not know what evil will be on the earth.

If the clouds are full of rain,
They empty themselves upon the earth;
And if a tree falls to the south or the north,
In the place where the tree falls, there it shall lie.

He who observes the wind will not sow,
And he who regards the clouds will not reap.

As you do not know what is the way of the wind,
Or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child,
So you do not know the works of God who makes everything.

In the morning sow your seed,
And in the evening do not withhold your hand;
For you do not know which will prosper,
Either this or that,
Or whether both alike will be good.

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

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